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Meet Your Team
We may work remotely but we are hardly remote!

Team work

Chris Couch


Chris is a 3-time entrepreneur and financial industry expert, working closely with independent contracting services. He has spent the last 20 years helping self-employed entrepreneurs develop strategies to grow their businesses, using exclusive tools CPAs and Accountants do not have.

For the past 12 years Chris has provided compliance-ready, innovative ways of doing business across the globe, which for decades has proved invaluable to small business practitioners just like you.

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Marc Costello

Vice President-Client Services

Marc has a vast knowledge of contractor solutions services. In his role as Vice President, Marc interfaces with each of our clients to ensure that they clearly understand the opportunity DCLP brings to optimize cash-flow and realize their full earning potential. 

For more than a decade, Marc has worked with clients and demonstrated throughout Europe that our tried and tested approach to financial planning puts us at the forefront of our industry. He is excited to provide independent contract professionals across the United States a different way of structuring their Single Member LLC in a way tailored to deliver.

Jody Couch

Vice President - Operations

Jody has over 25 years’ expertise as a Business Administrator in the financial sector. She has assisted with several startup businesses and brings with her unparalleled Client Relationship Management skills.

She is Vice President and has an extensive range of vocational experience. Her pragmatic approach and fluent ability to connect with independent professionals on their terms inspires confidence, helping them drive
their businesses forward with elevated cash flows.
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Lisa Potts 


As a founding partner, Lisa brings a wealth of  experience advocating for the contractor services industry. She has worked in the sector for over 20 years.

During this time she built up an extensive network of contacts, developing a comprehensive understanding of how the independent contractor industry operates.
Her expertise provides clients with invaluable insight and knowledge, helping them to realize their business's full potential.
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David Couch

Vice Chairman

David is a well-seasoned expert with over 25 years of working as a contractor and for various organizations throughout Europe. He qualified with KPMG as a chartered accountant, before becoming a partner at Killik & Co Stockbrokers. David was one of the founding directors of Raymond James Investments (UK) and later he helped to establish Seven Investment Management.

He has also held senior executive positions at a number of small and large businesses, before going on to build a successful management consultancy and accountancy business with well over 100 clients. David is proudly at the heart of the family business, as co-founder with his sister Lisa and brother Chris.
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