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A New Way of Working 

For over 25 years we have helped professionals in Europe get the most from their businesses. Now, DCLP Consultants America Inc can offer these benefits to independent USA contractors. 

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Getting the most from your business 

By allowing DCLP Consultants to assist you in maximizing your returns with our proven and effective solution, you’ll instantly enjoy the benefits without impacting the relationship you have with your end client, or changing the way your client pays your SMLLC for work you’ve carried out.  If you don’t have an SMLLC, don’t worry, we can set this up for you!

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More Money in Your Pocket

The savings you will enjoy when using our solution can be used for any purpose. Some examples are:

  • Reduce Loan and Credit Card Debt

  • Pay College Fees

  • Contribute More to Your Pension

  • Enhance your level of Healthcare Provision

  • Save for a Rainy Day

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Manage Quarterly Tax Payments

Our exclusive solution is designed to deliver increased returns by effectively structuring your SMLLC income, allowing you to manage payments to the IRS each quarter if you've chosen to make them. 

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