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Business Team

An investment in your business begins with investing in you!

DCLP Consultants brings a talented and dedicated team of specialists to help you with your objectives as you grow and manage your Independent Contracting, Consulting, or Freelance business, when working under a 1099 arrangement.

Our experienced team will assist and help you effectively manage your monthly cash flow.

You are an entrepreneur looking for opportunities to increase your cash flow. DCLP Consultants offers you a unique opportunity to reach your goals. Our Cash Flow Structure is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

As an expert in your field, you are happy working for yourself, open to new ways of managing your business and improving your situation. DCLP Consultants provides strategic and compliant solutions, with benefits usually enjoyed only by larger businesses, and typically not offered to 1099 contractors. We provide customized, no obligation illustrations showing how our structure can work for you.

We realize, being independent and running a small business, you may wear a lot of hats and must manage yourself because you are the businessThe freedom to be your own boss can come at a cost that regular employees do not face. As a self employed worker, either directly providing services to your end client or through your preferred agency, you are entirely responsible for paying related taxes, sufficient liability insurance, making healthcare provisions and saving for retirement.

Your time is valuable, let us ease the burden. We can take care of your back office functions including - setting-up your SMLLCtax filings, accounting and bookkeeping, invoicing and general administration processes.


Just take a moment and you will see how we can help you improve your financial situation.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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